Baseball betting is most popular during summer time when there is pretty much nothing going on in the betting world and although it's not one of the most profitable sports the real fans have proven to make it a valuable bet to offer at online sportsbooks (if they want to keep all their clients happy). Betting on baseball is very simple and can be VERY profitable if you take some time to do a little research. For example, all you care about is that your team wins in baseball betting. There are no point spreads involved here like in NFL or Basketball so it's risky for the bookies because no point spreads can even out the games. Let's say you were to place a bet on the New York Yankees and you lay $120 for every $100 you want to win, on the moneyline no matter if the Yankees won by just 1 run or 10 you still win your bet. Now on the runline let's say it's set to -1½+140 this means you need to lay $140 to win $100 and the Yankees must win by 2 runs or more. So if they win (4 - 3) against the Red Sox for example you lose the bet, but if you pick the Red Sox in the runline and the lines reads +1½-130 then you win the bet. As long as they don't lose for more than 2 runs your bet is a winner. Like I said a little research on how well a team is playing will definitely give you the lead and given that sportsbooks don't have much to play with in baseball betting, baseball bettors have an advantage.



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Baseball is one of the most watched sports in North America and millions of people attend baseball games every year and have placed a bet on a baseball game at least once. Most professional gamblers agree that baseball is the best sport to make money which is why many sportsbooks close their doors during the baseball season avoiding huge losses from smart gamblers. The types of bets you want to focus on are just 3. Money Line (bet on which team will win.) Total (bet on whether the total number of of runs for the entire game will fall over or under a stated number) Run Line (if a team is favorite they need to win by 2 runs, the underdog has to lose by 2 runs).

Some sportsbooks including which I recommend above offer mlb bets on the 1st half of the game (1st 5 full innings) as well as bets on the 2nd halfs or the team to score first. HONESTLY, I would stay away from these... but the experienced gambler knows the advantages of these types of bets and the serious cash they can win. If you are just getting into baseball betting, get comfortable with the basic bets first and then move the different types to add more excitement to your game watching but also smart betting action.

Lines BreakdownValue in the Lines: A common question that arises when betting on baseball, is what constitutes a good line? Most of the time (though the Yankees were well over average in 1998, and the Marlins below) baseball teams will win between 40% - 60% of their games.The baseball bettor must determine what they believe are the chances of a team beating another in a given situation, and then relate that to what- price is being given by the bookmakers.

While betting on baseball online betting is as easy as the click of your mouse, the actual spreads are a bit different than in other sports. While the payoffs can be just as rewarding, it's important to understand the different types of wagers offered. Read on to gain a better understanding of what it takes to bet and win in a typical online sportsbook.

Example of baseball bets: Straight bets on the money line, straight bets on the game total , run lines, parlays and more.

The table chart on the right is a breakdown of what percentage of plays at a given price must win, just for a bettor to break even.

+ At prices from pick 'em to -130, just focus on picking the winner of the game, and not on the price.

+ At prices higher than -130, strongly review the chances of the underdog first.

+ If the price on a favorite is too high for your taste, consider the total.

+ When playing totals, beware of betting too many "overs."

+ Generally speaking, it takes "two to tango" for a game to go "over."

+ If the price on a favorite you would like to play is too high, consider playing that team on the "runs line,"

+ Avoid the temptation of getting involved with too many parlays.

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